The word “culture’’ derives from “colere’’, a Latin verb meaning “to grow’’. The textile sector is like a seed, and JUMP wants to take care of it since culture in this field enables us to be aware that it is always possible to do good.


Since the very first day, the company has invested and conceptualized the design studio with purely and exclusively digital solutions. Our fabric collections are all produced using CAD and all jacquard designs and prints are created using vector and/or bitmap programs in the company’s graphic office. This approach allows us to offer a 360-degree service, ranging from solid fabrics to jacquards and digital prints. We collaborate with style offices by exchanging psd files, ai files, etc., communicating in the same language and minimizing the time required to achieve our goal.



Here at JUMP we love art and we consider it a fundamental aspect for inspiration. The creative team is actively encouraged to visit exhibitions and to attend events that may stimulate creativity and enrich expressive capacity with new languages. Making art means searching for true beauty. Beauty is always beauty and has no time.